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Kai Henthorn (she/they) - Owner

Hello! Thank you for visiting my website and for taking a moment to learn more about me.


I’m a nonbinary genderfluid human originally hailing from Lake County and currently residing in Oakland, California. In 2016, I transferred to UC Berkeley and moved from Santa Rosa down to Oakland. While at Berkeley I double majored in Sociology and Gender & Women’s Studies and received my B.A. in 2018. My time in the East Bay has been life changing and I hope that I’ll be able to call Oakland my home for a long time to come. 


In 2019 I began daydreaming of starting my own pet care business and in 2020 that dream became a reality. Not only did I want to nurture my connection with animals, but I also wanted to connect with my community and incorporate my knowledge of gender and sociology. I named my business Feminist Dog Walker because I believe that feminism is important in all aspects of our life since we live in a patriarchal system. Feminist Dog Walker strives to promote awareness of feminist issues while also providing exceptional care for the creatures within our community. Follow me on social media if you are interested in exploring the intersections between feminism and animals! 


I have always felt a deep connection to animals. As a child I would cut out photos from my Ranger Rick magazines and tape them up all over my walls. I grew up with dogs, cats, chickens, and even pet rats!  If there was an animal anywhere in my vicinity I would be mesmerized.  As an adult, my passion for animals never dissipated. In a world dominated by technology I appreciate the way that our non-human friends bring us together in the real world.


Although I am newer to the professional pet care industry, I have been pet sitting for many years. I truly enjoy taking classes and learning about topics like animal behavior so I am better able to communicate with the pets I care for. I am currently certified by DogSafe in canine first aid & CPR and I am also a Fear Free Certified Professional. Both of these courses provide in-depth knowledge that is essential for pet care providers. I know how to administer basic emergency medical care, prevent common injuries, recognize signs of illness and injury, assess aggression vs reactivity and much more. In addition, I have a background in customer service/service industry, which means I am personable and detail oriented. I will ask a lot of questions because I want to understand you and your pets needs to ensure overall satisfaction and safety! 

When working with animals I've learned that patience, consistency, and cultivating a strong bond rooted in trust makes a big difference when managing unwanted behaviors. I advocate for positive reinforcement training using rewards, treats, and a clicker. My next goal is to work towards a positive reinforcement dog training certification.


When I'm not out walking dogs or snuggling kitties, I enjoy painting, thrifting, inline skating, ice skating, hiking, or just resting my legs. haha

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