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"Kai is absolutely wonderful!! She has done pet sitting for our family many times and I have always been blown away by her kind, caring, and professional service. Like most of you, our pets are an extension of our family, they are our babies, and their happiness and well-being is a priority. I never question how they are doing when Kai is taking care of them for us. She follows any care instructions completely and thoroughly. She genuinely loves animals, which comes through with her compassionate care. Our pets even seem to miss her when we return home from our time away! The fact our pets love her so much says it all to me! I can’t recommend Kai enough! She is a gem!" 


-Rachel B.

"I'm very fortunate Kai was available to look after my furry friends when I left town for two weeks. She is genuine and responsible- and I could tell she really cared about keeping them happy in my absence. She is very thorough and confirmed every little detail of the instructions, and even made sure she knew the vet to call in an emergency and the logistics that goes with that- setting my mind at ease. Also, she is considerate; even sent me photos and updates every few days which I appreciated. Kai will go above and beyond for the care of your K-9."  

-Iris G.

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